Alexis N. Hudson Excellence in Service Current Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funding for tuition/room and board/books. Recipient must be a female, high school senior graduating from Pike and/or Covington Counties entering as a Freshman. Must have 40 logged hours of community service at a 501©(3) charitable organization OR organization and execution of a personal service initiative that directly improves civic engagement, education, health, or community stability. Recipient must provide a 500 word essay outlining why volunteerism is important, who you chose to volunteer at a particular organization, and how you plan to serve your community in the future. A current resume and two references must be provided.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list any volunteer or community service history during high school years, from most recent to earliest:
    • 1) Name of organization
    • 2) Description of duties or volunteer work
    • 3) Date range for this volunteer or service activity
  2. Why is volunteerism important to you? Please include who you chose to volunteer with, why you chose them and how you plan to serve your community in the future.
  3. Please request two letters of recommendation from a non-family member, former teacher, activity sponsor, employer, etc.. You should notify this individual to expect an email from us. You are responsible for ensuring your reference provider completes this request.
  4. Please request your other recommendation letter.
  5. Please provide a current resume. Include community service hours.