Harrel McKinney Current Scholarship for Graduate Study in Economics

The Harrel McKinney Current Scholarship for graduate study in Economics was established by Harrel McKinney. Applicants must be enrolled in the MA Economics program on the Troy campus, must have and maintain 3.0 GPA, and must provide a current resume and two letters of references. Please contact the Sorrell College of Business for further information.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you in the MA Economics program?
  2. What is your major?
  3. What scholarships or financial aid are you anticipating to receive?
  4. Please upload your resume and include any high school or college honor and activities.
  5. Please list Civic activities.
  6. Why are you seeking this scholarship?
  7. Please upload your unofficial transcript.
  8. Please list one Troy/previous college/or high school faculty reference.
  9. Please list your second Troy/previous college or high school faculty reference.
  10. Please list your character reference.
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