Cheryl Colley DiChiara Endowed Scholarship for Nursing

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist who have been accepted to the Nursing Program at Troy University. Applicants must show proof of admission into the clinical sequence of classes within the Nursing Program. Preference will be given to applications of qualified students from Pike County or Lee County, Alabama. If no qualified applications from Pike or Lee counties are received, then applicants from outside of the geographic area will be considered. Recipients must have and maintain any and all GPA requirements as listed by the acceptance and continuation policy of the nursing school. Selection will be made by Troy University scholarship committee, a member of the Office of Development and members appointed from the DiChiara family. Recipients are required to write a thank you letter to the donor and must attend the scholarship donor and recipient reception held each March.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you received an acceptance letter into Troy University's School of Nursing Program?
  2. What county do you live in?
  3. Please upload a picture of your handwritten thank you note. (Please write it to Dear Donor)
  4. Please provide proof of admission to the Nursing Program.
  5. Please upload proof of acceptance to nursing school