Lena Aisami Annual Scholarship

“The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funding to a Syrian student who is qualified for admission at Troy Online in a Master’s Degree Program in Special Education, Counseling and Psychology, Vocational Rehabilitation, or any other related field. Preference will be given to a student from a Refugee Camp for the Syrians in Turkey, Jordan, or Lebanon.

The recipient will be selected by the Troy University Scholarship Committee.

As additional funds are generated, it is the donor’s desire that the scholarship provide the selected student (s) with a full scholarship to tuition, books, laptop, and other required instructional aids.

The recipients are required to write a letter of appreciation to the Scholarship donors and if possible, are encouraged to attend the annual scholarship donor/recipient reception each Spring."

Supplemental Questions
  1. What scholarships or financial aid are you anticipating to receive?
  2. What is your major?
  3. If you did come from a refugee camp, please give more details.