Military and Family Scholarship (Undergraduate Spouse/Dependent)

This scholarship is for UNDERGRADUATE students in the upcoming academic year 2024-2025 STUDENTS ENTERING 24FA, 24T1, 24T2, 25T3, 25T4 or 25T5 are eligible and any current student needing to recertify eligibility for the current academic year * STUDENTS MUST APPLY PRIOR TO THE START OF THE TERM OR SEMESTER THEY ARE WANTING THE SCHOLARSHIP TO APPLY TO:* This scholarship is for dependent/spouse of actively serving members. *Students who are actively serving please contact Carmen Foster at to apply.* The Military and Family Scholarship was established to recognize the service of U.S. Active Military, Reserve and National Guard members by offering a scholarship to the service member, their spouse and/or dependent children. This scholarship reduces tuition to $250 per credit hour at the undergraduate level. To be eligible for the scholarship the applicant must be currently serving in the active or reserve component of the U.S. military or be the spouse or dependent child of a currently serving service member, included National Guard and Reserves. A sponsor verification form is required. This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other scholarship or tuition assistance awarded by Troy University, VA Benefits (exception VA 1606/1607) STUDENTS CURRENTLY RECEIVING THIS SCHOLARSHIP NEED TO RE-APPLY EVERY YEAR AND SUBMIT UPDATED VERIFICATION FORM BEFORE CLASSES START FOR THE FALL/SPRING .

Award amounts cover the tuition cost above the $250 per credit hour military cap
Supplemental Questions
  1. Full Name of Sponsor
  2. With which branch of the Military is your Sponsor affiliated?
  3. Please follow the link, complete upload your completed sponsor verification form.
  4. Are you (the student) active duty? If you select yes you do not apply for this scholarship, please email
  5. Are you the dependent or spouse of your sponsor?
  6. Is your sponsor actively serving in the military?
  7. Are you currently receiving the Military and Family Scholarship?
  8. Was your Verification worksheet signed by your spouse or parent Commanding officer? If this is incomplete, the scholarship cannot be awarded.
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