The Sorrell Scholars Award

FOR FRESHMAN ENTERING IN 2024 FALL: The Sorrell College of Business, in conjunction with the TROY Office of Admissions, seeks to identify and enroll academically superior students who plan to pursue the undergraduate degree in Accounting, Economics or Global Business. Through the Sorrell Scholars Program, five entering freshmen will be named each year with the distinction of being a Sorrell Scholar. Sorrell Scholars will serve as student ambassadors for the Sorrell College of Business and be exposed to many of the operational aspects of the College. Additionally, Sorrell Scholars will engage with many external stakeholders associated with the College.
Benefits and Commitments

Through the Dean of the Sorrell College of Business, each Sorrell Scholar will be mentored by a member of the Sorrell College of Business Executive Advisory Council gaining unique expose to real world professionals that have excelled in their disciplines.
Sorrell Scholars will be granted a “select” internship after being admitted to the Sorrell College, typically after the sophomore year.
Sorrell Scholars will be actively involved in the Sorrell College Honors Program.
Sorrell Scholars will attend a Dean’s Luncheon once per semester.
Sorrell Scholars will represent the Sorrell College at special events and featured in online and print promotions, as designated by the Dean.
Sorrell Scholars will be guaranteed a “seat” in the University’s MBA program upon completion of the undergraduate degree.
Sorrell Scholars will receive early registration privileges for every registration period for courses.
Sorrell Scholars will be named recipients of the Troy University Scholars Award, a scholarship that based on academic performance awards the following:
ACT 30-32 /RSAT 1360-1440: Tuition and traditional housing
ACT 33-36/RSAT 1450-1600: Tuition, full housing and meal plan
Sorrell Scholars will receive additional scholarship monies through an endorsement from Sorrell College in the amount of $1500 – $3000
Sorrell Scholars ‘finalists” will be invited to the annual awards dinner where the five Sorrell Scholars will be announced. A selection committee will be established by the Dean for the purposes of selecting the finalists and the five Sorrell Scholars.

$1,500 -$3000 per academic year